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For any assistance, please contact us.
For any assistance, please contact us.
===Stage 1===
# Translate the script sentence by sentence
# Take enough care to see that each sentence when translated takes same or lesser time to read out than the original sentence
# In some cases, you may merge 2 sentences in the translation so as to match the timing of the original 2 sentences
# Use simple and precise words while translating
# Retain common words like '''window, mouse, cursor''', etc. in English
# Read out the entire translated script and confirm the timing of each sentence again
# Review the translated script against the [http://spoken-tutorial.org/process/index.php/Dubbers_Checklist Dubbers' Checklist] and make the required modifications
# To type the script in the wiki
#* Download the Google Indic Transliteration plugin from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8731/
#* Follow the instructions and install the plugin in Firefox.  (This works only in Firefox 3.6 version)
#* Type your script on the wiki-page assigned to it 
#* Create a page if it does not exist.  Click on "create" tab
#* If the page already exists, click on the "edit" tab
#* Once in the text box, click within
#* This will reveal the indic fonts in a small drop-down box on the top RHS of the text box
#* Choose the appropriate font and type your script
#* You have to type in English.  Eg- main ladki hoon will transliterate as मैं लड़की हूँ
# To upload the script on the wiki
#* Click on "Upload file" on the LHS of the wiki (toolbox panel)
#* Choose the file you want to upload
#* Give it an appropriate name with the correct path
#* Click on upload
#* Copy the link of the uploaded file and link it to the corresponding language on the script page of the chosen topic
#* Verify that the link works properly
# Intimate us on completion of this stage  ['''sptutemaill@gmail.com    administrator@spoken-tutorial.org'''].  Here is what we will [http://spoken-tutorial.org/process/index.php/Admin_Checklist_Dubbing  check]
We are available to assist you at every step.

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Stage 0

  1. Create a wiki account for yourself on http://spoken-tutorial.org/wiki
  2. Create an account for yourself on http://spoken-tutorial.org
  3. The above are 2 separate accounts
  4. Skip the above steps if you already have an account on the wiki and the website
  5. Choose the script you want to dub and get a confirmation from us     [administrator@spoken-tutorial.org]
  6. Read it a couple of times to understand the content explained
  7. If in doubt, please email your queries     [administrator@spoken-tutorial.org]

For any assistance, please contact us.

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