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This document will guide you through the process of adding spoken-tutorial script format template into your openoffice/libreoffice installation and creating scripts using the template for writing scripts. Since this template will capture all the metadata required by the spoken-tutorials, we encourage best weight loss pills using this template to create and publish the scripts. Also, we encourage you to attach the original openoffice/libreoffice file with the script, when you publish the script on the wiki.

What is an OpenOffice/LibreOffice template?

A template is a model that you use to create documents in OpenOffice/LibreOffice. By using a template, you avoid designing a document from scratch every time you have a top weight loss pills create a document in a given format.

How to add a template to openoffice/libreoffice

Let us now add the spoken-tutorial script format, template to your OpenOffice/LibreOffice installation. Following steps will guide you through the process of adding the template

  1. Download the template file File:Spoken-tutorial script format and save it on your disk
  2. Open the OpenOffice/LibreOffice writer (as the template is a openoffice/libreoffice writer template)
  3. Go to File->Templates->Organize
  4. In the dialog box that appears, right click on “My Templates” and select “Import Template”.
  5. A file selection dialog will appear. Select the file that you downloaded in the Step 1, and click on “Open”.
  6. Now you will see a new item under “My Templates” called “Spoken-tutorial_script_format_v1”.
  7. Click on “Close” and we are done. The template has been added to your OpenOffice/LibreOffice installation.

Using Spoke-tutorial OpenOffice/LibreOffice template to write script.

Now we have the template installed in the OpenOffice/LibreOffice and we are ready to write the script. Following steps will guide you on how to use the spoke-tutorial template, write the script:

  1. Open OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer.
  2. Go to File->New->Templates and Documents
  3. Click on Templates
  4. You will see right hand panel being populated with the list of template folders.
  5. Double click on “My Templates” and select “Spoke-tutorial_script_format_template_v1”
  6. Click on “Open”.
  7. A new document will open. This Document will have some gray shaded boxes, against fields such as “Title”, “Author” and “Keywords”. These Grey boxes will be filled from document's metadata automatically.
  8. Go to File->Properties and click on “Description” tab.
  9. In “Title” text box, enter the title of the script.
  10. In “Keywords” text box, enter the keywords associated with the script. Keywords shall be entered as a comma separated list.
  11. Click on “OK” button and return to the document.
  12. Now press F9 and all fields will be automatically populated.
  13. If you don't see your name against the Author field, then you might not have configured user data in your OpenOffice/LibreOffice installation. To configure Author's name, follow these steps
    1. Click on Tools->Options
    2. Click on “”/"" from the left hand panel list and select “User Data”
    3. Enter your name in “First/Last name/Initials” text box and click on “OK”
    4. We are done, you have configured the Author's name for all the documents that you will create using this OpenOffice/LibreOffice installation henceforth.
    5. On returning to the document press F9 again, to update the Author's name.
  14. Whenever you make a change in the document metadata, press F9 on returning to the document. This will automatically update all the fields.
  15. Now you can write your script by filling the Visual cues and Narration against the Visual cues.

Installation of Sun Wiki Publisher 1.1.7

1. Start OpenOffice/LibreOffice and go to Tools->Extension Manager and check if "Sun Wiki Publisher 1.x.x" plug-in is installed. If the plug-in is installed then you are ready to export content in wiki media format and ignore following steps. If the plug-in is not installed then follow below listed steps.

2. Please visit and click on "Get it" button.

3. This will download a .oxt file on your machine.

4. Start OpenOffice/LibreOffice and go to Tools->Extension Manager and click on "Add". Select the downloaded .oxt file. This should install the mediawiki extension.

5. You will see "Wiki publisher 1.x.x" in the list shown by Extension manager.

6. Install "" package using Synaptic Package Manager.

Installing - An Alternate way

  1. Open Synaptic Package Manager by clicking on System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager on your Ubuntu Desktop.
  2. Please type password if prompted.
  3. Search for "" or "" using Quick search.
  4. Right-click on the "" or "" in the package list and select 'Mark for Installation'.
  5. Click on 'Apply' to install package.

Export content to wiki from Openoffice/LibreOffice

To export openoffice/libreoffice document to wiki format, you need openoffice-wikipublisher/ plugin installed on your computer. Once this plugin is installed, you can follow these steps to export openoffice/libreoffice document as wiki page.

  1. Create the document in openoffice3/libreoffice
  2. Go to File->Export
  3. Select MediaWiki (*.txt) as File format
  4. Click on Export button
  5. Open the newly saved txt file and copy all text.
  6. Create or edit a page in the wiki and paste the copied text into the page.
  7. Save the page in the wiki.

Happy Scripting :)

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