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These wiki-pages deal with the Introduction to Spoken Tutorial, its components, significance and application in teaching and learning These wiki-pages aim to equip each learner with the know-how to create a Spoken Tutorial on their own


 After going through these wiki-pages, you will be able to
 - Write a script for any software system or given content
 - Create a Spoken Tutorial which involves screencasting and the corresponding narration
 - Create all of the above by yourself

Introduction to Spoken Tutorial

 - Learning is more effective when animation and narration are presented simultaneously  
 - Audio-video demonstrations can illustrate features with maximum clarity

What is a Spoken Tutorial

 - Spoken Tutorial refers to explaining a computer based activity with a screencast and a narration
 - The screencasting software captures all the activities on the screen along with the narration and plays it back 
   as a movie
 - This movie is called a Spoken Tutorial

Components of a Spoken Tutorial

 There are two major components for creating a Spoken Tutorial
  - Scripting
  - Recording
      * Screencasting
      * Narration


How to write a Script for a Spoken Tutorial

Guidelines for Narrating a Spoken Tutorial

Guidelines for Screencasting a Spoken Tutorial

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