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Title for the suggested topic

  • The topic suggested will be first reviewed to verify if spoken tutorials for this topic are already available on the portal
  • If YES, then the pages/links will be provided to the user
  • If NO, then the topic will be reviewed to see if it is FOSS. The verification will be done automatically against an in-built list of FOSS on the portal database
    • If there is a match, then the topic will be accepted
    • If there is no match, then the user will be asked to confirm that the topic suggested is indeed FOSS-related. The topic will be accepted on receipt of user-confirmation

Name of the Software

  • The user will choose from a list of FOSS
  • Alternately, the user will enter the name (if its not on the portal list)

Version of the Software

  • This will be typed in by the user

Name of the Subject

  • The user will choose from a list of subjects and the option of OTHER
  • If OTHER, then the user will enter the subject in a text-box

Recommend a Difficulty Level(drop down menu)

  • Beginner (School Level)
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Which Operating System (drop down menu)

  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Windows
 Multiple selection will be allowed as some software work on more than one operating system

Brief Description of the topic

  • A text description explaining what the topic/software is about. What the user wants explained and what s/he hopes to learn

Would the user like to suggest an example for the topic s/he suggested?

  • Some users may only want to suggest a topic for an ST. They may not want to go through the entire process of creating a ST
  • If the user has mentioned that s/he will not be providing an example then -
    • The accepted topic will also be displayed in the "Suggested Topic List" and will be available for public viewing
    • The reviewers/experts/National leader for the FOSS will be notified about the accepted topic
    • If the topic gets approved by the reviewers/experts/National leader or gets a high user-rating, then the topic will be displayed on the bidding page for suggesting a suitable example
  • If the user has mentioned that s/he will provide an example, the user will be notified and given a system-calculated time limit to submit an example

Would you want to provide a link to the FOSS suggested?

  • Yes
  • No

If the above is YES

Name of the link

  • The user will type the name of the link(s) here

Example.jpg (This will be an upload link)

Would you like to be a reviewer for the above (Y or N)

  • If YES -- then ST team will get in touch with the user to verify the user's credentials and expertise
  • If NO -- then the ST team will find another individual who is willing to be a reviewer for the script

Which languages can you review?

  • A drop-down box in which all Indian languages are listed with a multiple choice option

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