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Title of the suggested topic

Name of the ST

  • Could be similar to the Title of the suggested Topic
  • The version number of the software must be included in the name of the ST

Language of the dubbed Spoken Tutorial

  • The language can only be one of the mentioned ones as those will be the one with reviewers
  • As of now, only Indian languages will be accepted. In the future, we could have international languages as well

Submit the dubbed spoken tutorial

  • Here you will be given a browse option to upload the ST
  • The spoken tutorial can be in any language that the user prefers

Upload the script file

  • Here you will be given a 'browse' option to upload your script
  • A copy of the script should be asked at this stage so that we receive the ST and its corresponding script together
  • The script should be typed in the same language as the narration

Did you have any technical difficulties while dubbing?

  • Here one can pen down the difficulties faced during dubbing. i.e. software (used to dub) related difficulties

Any suggestion to avoid the technical error while dubbing in future

  • User can give any suggestions or information oh how s/he overcame some of the problems/technical difficulties s/he faced during the dubbing process

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