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Spoken Tutorials project aims to create spoken tutorials which teach FOSS in many Indian languages. The idea is to teach software(s) in a language that the learner is comfortable in. Our goal is that the spoken tutorial learning object be used to teach any software in any language and any difficulty level learner - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

We are looking for collaborators who will -

  • Lead the national effort for any FOSS
  • Be a contributor to the community by creating the software outline which will be the base for writing scripts and creating spoken tutorials (Honorarium for the Software Outline)
  • Create original tutorials (Honorarium for the Original Tutorial)
  • Dub into other languages (Honorarium for the Dubbed Tutorial)
  • Lend their expertise in a particular FOSS by being a Reviewer / Domain Expert (Honorarium for Reviewer)
  • Spread awareness about this community

Click here for Honorarium Details

Our Aim:

  • Reach out to as many people as possible to spread the awareness of the portal so that others can contribute
  • Build up the community so that the portal will be self-sustaining
  • Channelize a way through your contacts to reach out to the people who could contribute

You are free to use any of the tutorials featured on this site for self-study and educational purposes. We look forward to partner with you in our effort to take software education to the masses and to Bridge the Digital Divide!

Contributors and Content Editors

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