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Name of the Reviewer:


Name of the Spoken Tutorial:

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Ratings to be done on the scale of 1 to 5 wherever required.


Is the topic suggested Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)?
Is the version number of the Software clearly mentioned?
Is any spoken tutorial available in any language on the suggested
topic either on the portal or on any link?
Is suggested topic Operating System dependent?
Is the name of the Operating System clearly mentioned?
Is the difficulty level stated by the contributor?


Is the example(s) relevant to the topic?
Is the example correct and without errors?
Is the example(s) easy to understand?
Are adequate number of examples illustrated?
Would it be difficult to comprehend the topic without this example(s)?
According to you, is this the best example(s) that can be used to explain the topic?


Beginning of the Script
Brief introduction of the topic is appropriate
Learning objectives mentioned, are clear
Objectives in tandem with the content of the tutorial
Prerequisites mentioned are clear
Mention of the tutorial being a part of a series, is made clear
Name and version of the software is made clear in the script
Mention of the Additional plug-ins required, is clear

Content covered
Criteria 1 to 5
Content is covered in an interesting and enthusiastic manner
Script focuses on the key feature(s)
Appropriate explanation of each feature is given in the tutorial
Flow of information is in the right sequence
Sentences are simple and short
Simple words are used
Instructions conveyed are informative, specific and not vague
Content is easy to understand
Sentences grammatically correct
The tutorial introduces simple concepts and then gradually moves to the

advanced level

Criteria 1 to 5
Instructional Design Model followed

(Audio and Video cues)

Rate the pedagogical approach used
Text in the script is well organized, sectioned and not crowded

End of the Script
Criteria 1 to 5
Rate the quick summary given at the end of the script
The Script does not exceed 7 minutes when read aloud
Assignment given at the end of the tutorial helps improve learning
Rate the expected results at the end of the task given

URL and other resources
Criteria Yes No
Information about the source of the external links provided
External links point to free resources
External links provided are active
Information provided in the external links relevant and useful


Criteria 1 to 5
Rate this Study Plan
Rate the sequence of the Tutorials arranged in the study plan
Study Plan corresponds with the listed tutorials
Rate the level of difficulty mentioned in the study plan
Suggestions on topics to make the study plan better

(This is a place where the user can type the text for the topics
that he suggests)


Criteria 1 to 5
Audio is loud and clear
Pace of audio is appropriate
Accent in the audio is neutral
Tone is friendly

Criteria 1 to 5
Easy to understand
Content covered is appropriate

Criteria 1 to 5
Text readable
Irrelevant cursor movements
Video quality
Synchronisation of Video with Audio

Summary for Spoken Tutorial
Criteria 1 to 5
Overall experience
Rate on the teaching method of this spoken tutorial.
Clarity on the concepts discussed in the tutorial


Criteria 1 to 5
Additional content is not introduced in the translated script
None of the original content has been left out
Meaning of the content hasn't changed during translation
Common words like 'computer', 'windows', 'mouse' 'click' 'menu' has been kept neutral

(Not every single word needs to be translated. Changing every word will confuse the
listeners. Again this could change the meaning of the content)

Simple and short sentences used
Difficult words not used
Instructions conveyed are informative and not vague

Criteria 1 to 5
Audio loud and clear
Pace of audio is appropriate
Accent in the audio is natural
The tone is friendly

Criteria 1 to 5
Easy to understand
Content covered appropriate
Dubbed Tutorial corresponds with the original Tutorial

Criteria 1 to 5
Synchronisation of the Audio with the transitions and cursor movement
on the screen
Text readable
Video quality good

Contributors and Content Editors