Guidelines for translation and dubbing

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Title of script: Guidelines for translation and recording

Author: Namita

Keywords: Translation, dubbing, recording

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Welcome to the spoken tutorial on the Guidelines for

translating and recording.

Slide 2:

Please listen to Introduction on Spoken Tutorials

available at http://spoken- is a Spoken Tutorial

before starting to translate and record

Slide 3: Translation can be done in two ways:

Handwritten script or

Typed script using any typesetting software

Let us now see 2 examples of the scripts.


a handwritten script

a typed script using type setting software.

This is a hand-written script.

This is typed script using a software.

Slide 4: 4 points We shall now present some guidelines on translation:

Read the original script carefully a couple of times.

Translate the script sentence by sentence

Each translated sentence should be less than or equal to the original sentence.

Constuct the sentence without changing the meaning of the content

Slide 5:

Use simple words

Use simple language

Need not translate technical words like computer and mouse.

These words can remain in English itself.

Slide 6:3 Points After translation, please do the following:

Listen to the original video

Note the time when each sentence starts

We will soon have a provision on our wiki page

to enter these time lines.

Get your translation verified by a friend

The spoken tutorial team will also help you

Slide 7: 4 points Please inform the spoken tutorial team about the completion
Slide 8: 4 points To upload the script on Mediawiki

Type the transalated script on the Mediawiki using indic font.

Let us see the demo

Show the url: Please install the plug in which is on this url

You can find this plug in when you search it on the google search engine too.

demo Click on download or install

Remember that this plug in works only on Mozilla Firefox

When the plug in is installed

restart the mozilla firefox browser

Go to the spoken tutorial mediawiki by logging in

You will find a small window.

This window has some of the Indian languages mentioned

Select the desired language. Here I am selecting Hindi

Click on the checkbox.

After this you could type in English the Hindi words like I am doing now.

This gets translated into Hindi like this.

In this way, you could translate the script into some of the Indian languages.

Slide 9 Please note that if the indic font is not available for your language

you need to upload the pdf form of the script.

Let us see the demo

Demo: Open the mediawiki


show upload tab

browse through a file and upload

show the automatically generated page

copy and paste the url to the required page

Please register on spoken tutorial mediawiki

If you have already registered, please log into the mediawiki like I have done here

Go to the upload tab on the left hand side panel

browse through the file and upload it directly

This will lead you to an automatically generated page

Copy the url like this and paste it at the required place.

For example I shall paste the url here because I want it linked

To this language.

Slide: 10 After the traslation is put up on mediawiki

Please go through the tutorial on Guidelines for recording and narration which is on this url

Slide 11 For dubbing, we recommend the following two packages

Audacity on Linux

Windows Movie Maker on Windows

Show url The tutorial on Audacity is available on

Slide 12 Windows users should also see this tutorial

Some steps are better explained here.

Show url The tutorial on Windows Movie Maker is also available on
Show url:

After dubbing a tutorial

Please go through the checklist

This will help you to self verify

Slide 13: When you have verified

Please send the tutorial to the spoken tutorial admin team

Show url:

Spoken Tutorial admin team checks against the criteria given in this checklist

Slide 14: If the spoken tutorial team has any suggestions, please incorporate them and

Resend it to the admin team again.

The spoken tutorial admin team then sends the tutorial for reviews. The reviewer of the translated tutorial checks against the criteria given in the following checklist
Slide 15: The admin team uploads your dubbed tutorial on Spoken tutorial website
Slide 16:

In this tutorial we have seen

The guidelines to translate

The procedure to upload and type the translated script on the mediawiki

The process of validation and Reviews

Show url:

For the whole process of dubbing, please go through the following url

Slide 17 SPOKEN TUTORIAL PROJECT is an initiative of the ‘Talk to a Teacher' project.

The project is coordinated by

Funding for this work has come from the National Mission on Education through ICT, launched by MHRD, Government of India.

For more details pls watch

This brings us to the end of the tutorial on Guidelines for translation and recording.

This script has been contributed by Namita Lobo and

This is Payel Mukherjee and Namita Lobo from IIT Bombay signing off.

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