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Welcome to the presentation on the Guidelines for the script writers.

Here we shall present the on the do's and dont's regarding script writing also.

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To start with, choose the required topic from the Basic Level of a FOSS.

Ideally start with any topic other than Installation of the FOSS and Introduction to the FOSS.

Slide 3 It is mandatory for the script to be in a two column format.
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Let me show you a sample script which is not according to our standards.
Open url

This is how a two column script would look like.
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To know how to generate a two column format script, please follow the steps given in this url carefully.
Slide 4 We shall now present some guidelines on how to write a script. They are as follows:

Mention the learning objectives at the beginning of the script

Test all the features, like link, webpages etc, and confirm that they work

Explain the topic well

Slide 5 Use simple words

Use short sentences

Be specific while giving instructions.

Slide 6 Follow a good pedagogy while writing a script.

Please do not leave any thing for the learners assumptions.

Write all the steps from the beginning to the end.

Slide 7 A script should be written by visualizing that 75% of it should be demonstration and 25% of it should be slides.

A quick recap of the content taught in the tutorial in bullet points or a flow chart towards the end of the script.

Please suggest an end task, a quiz or project so that the learners can work on it.

Slide 8 After the script has been written, please do the following:

When read aloud, the script should be of 7 minute duration.

Please ask a novice to verify the correctness of the script by executing the action.

Slide 9 Proof read the script to rectify any grammatical mistakes before recording.

Please check if the visual cues match with the narration.

Open url

For further details on the guidelines, please go through this link

Slide 10 A script needs to be supported by the required resources. For example: the slides, source files, editors etc.

So it is mandatory to upload these resources along with the script on the spoken tutorial mediawiki

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Open url:

If you are the Effort leader of a particular FOSS:

Please make the slide template for the FOSS according to the guidelines given in stage 2 of this url

Slide 11 There are some sample templates. You may choose any of them according to your requirement

Get it approved by the spoken tutorial team

Open url:

Spoken tutorial team checks against the criteria given in this checklist

Demo on mediawiki Procedure for uploading the slide template is as follows:

Please log on to spoken tutorial mediawiki using your name and password.

If you have not registered, kindly register.

Please click on the upload tab and upload the file

The file gets uploaded on a page which is automatically generated.

Please copy paste the automatically created url on the outline page of the respective FOSS.

Slide 12 If you are the creator of the tutorial, then

Please download the template from the outline page

Use the template to match up with the requirement of the script

Slide 13 Along with the script, please upload the slides on the spoken tutorial mediawiki

Copy paste the url on the particular script.

The procedure to upload and link has been shown previously in this tutorial.

Show the template for DSpace Here is an example of the slides which have been already uploaded. This is the slide template for DSpace Spoken Tutorials.
Open url

If you want to write a script for a tutorial on any of the DSpace topics, you may download it from here.
Open url

After you have done the above, please self verify the script against the checklist in the url here.

Slide 14 Once you have uploaded the script and the resources,

please inform the admin team of spoken tutorial

get it approved

get a novice check done

get is reviewed by an expert.

Slide 15 If the novice locates bugs, it is the responsibility of the expert and the creator to rectify the script

If the reviewer suggests changes, it is the responsibility of the expert to incorporate the changes.

Http:// Once you are done with all this, you are now ready to record the tutorial.

For the guidelines on recording and narration, please go through the tutorial which is on our website

Slide 16

In this tutorial, we have explained

The things that you need to keep in mind while writing a script

The procedure to generate a two column script

uploading and using the required resources for the script

Validation of the script

Slide 17 This brings us to the end of the tutorial on Guidelines for script writing.

Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of Talk to Teacher project, coordinated by

Funding for this work has come from the National Mission on Education through ICT, launched by MHRD, Government of India.

For more details pls watch

This Payel Mukherjee from IIT Bombay signing off. Thank you for watching.

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