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Detailed Steps to be followed for CLP for BMC Schools

About the content to be copied:

  1. The CLP-DVDs have been given to the Coordinators.
  2. This DVD contains the following content-
    • Introduction to computers
    • LibreOffice - Writer
    • LibreOffice - Calc
    • LibreOffice - Impress
    in 5 different languages - English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu
  3. Please follow the recommended learning sequence as given in Step 2 always.
  4. Make copies of this DVD on other DVDs and Pen-Drives.
  5. Check and verify that the copy contains all the content.
  6. When you visit the BMC schools, copy this content on all the machines.

About the software to be installed:

  1. Do the following if Firefox or Google Chrome is not already installed on the all the machines in the school computer lab.
  2. Go to the following link-
  3. Go through the tutorial on how to install LibreOffice and follow the steps shown to install LibreOffice on all the machines in the school.

About registering yourself as an Organiser on the website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register
  3. Fill the details and click on Submit
  4. The “Organiser” will receive notification mail with a link
  5. Click on the link and complete the formalities as required
  6. You will be authenticated within 24 hours as an “Organiser”

Add me as an organiser:

  1. Login with your username and password
  2. Click on “Software Training” and then on “Training Dashboard”
  3. Click on “Add me as an organiser”
  4. Choose the State and School that you represent
  5. IITB Resource Person will authenticate you as “Organiser” within 24 hours
  6. Subsequently, you will receive a notification mail
  7. Once again, complete the Organiser formalities from the link given in the email

Master Batch upload:

  1. Create separate CSV files for each batch of students (class-wise and division-wise) that you will be training
    CSV file format is First Name, Last Name, email-id, Gender
    Shanta, Tiwari,, Female
    Column headings are not required, only the data is required
  2. School students may not have email-ids, so its okay if this column is left blank
  3. Check for incorrect entries (extra spaces, extra characters, tab, enter, etc…) by opening the CSV file in Notepad, Wordpad, etc.
  4. Login with your “Organiser” login
  5. Click on “Software Training” and then on “Training Dashboard”
  6. In the “Organiser panel”, click on “School / Vocational Training request summary”
  7. Then click on “Add training workshop request” button
  8. Most of the options in the next webpage are intuitive. But here are some important ones to note-
    • “Training Type” should be “School”
    • “Institution Type” should be “School”
    • “Course / Stream” should be the software series that you have selected for that batch.
    • You will first select “Introduction to Computers” as the software series.
  9. As of now, you will have to repeat this process for each software series. But this is easily done as the interface will ask if you want to select another software series for the same batch after the current upload is completed. So, don’t worry! Go ahead and select “LibreOffice Writer”, “LibreOffice Calc”, “LibreOffice Impress” one after the other for the same batch.
  10. Remember to upload the CSV files that you created for each batch systematically, class-wise and division-wise.

Machine readiness before the Training sessions begin:

  1. Inform the school authorities that they should purchase headphones before the training begins.
  2. Ensure headphones are available - one for each learner or on twin-sharing basis if the no. of headphones are insufficient.
  3. Listen to some audio on each machine to check if the headphones work.
  4. Ensure that the Machine Readiness document is duly completed, signed by you and handed over to IITB person, for each school before or soon after the Training begins in the school.

Typical training sessions:

All Coordinators and Volunteers should:

  1. Open the CLP Master DVD folder that was copy-pasted on the machine in the school lab.
  2. Locate readme.txt file and read it.
  3. Locate index.html and open it in either Firefox or Google Chrome browser in offline mode. (Pls note: No internet is required).
  4. It is important to open the index.html file in either Firefox or Google Chrome browser and not in Internet Explorer or any other video player.
  5. By default, Side-by-Side learning method tutorial opens on the screen.
  6. As an organiser of this training programme, you should watch the Side-by-Side learning method tutorial once compulsorily, before beginning the Training.
  7. Explain about the side-by-side learning method and its significance to the students very clearly before beginning the first Training session.

All students should:

  1. Select “Introduction to computers” from the first drop-down located above the player.
  2. Then select the required language from the second drop-down located above the player.
  3. Then begin with the first tutorial.
  4. In “Introduction to computers” series, there is no scope for side-by-side learning. However, for LibreOffice this learning method should be actively executed.
  5. For LibreOffice series, the students should attempt all the end-of-tutorial assignments.
  6. Complete all the series as per schedule.

Training Schedule:




Software series Topics Class
1 Introduction to Computers Getting to know computers

Printer Connection

2 Introduction to Computers Introduction to Gmail

Compose Options for Email



3 LO Writer Introduction to LibreOffice Writer

Typing text and basic formatting

4 LO Writer Inserting pictures and objects

Viewing and printing a text document

5 LO Calc Introduction to LibreOffice Calc

Working with Cells

6 LO Calc

Working with Sheets

Formatting Data

7 LO Calc Basic Data Manipulation

Working with data

8 LO Impress Introduction to LibreOffice Impress

Creating a presentation document

9 LO Impress Viewing a Presentation Document

Inserting Pictures and Objects

10 LO Impress Printing a Presentation Document


LibreOffice Assignments



Additional topics available in the DVD that can be covered, if the suitable student audience is available at the schools.

This is at the discretion of the Coordinators-

Sr. No. Software series Topics
1 LO Writer Using search replace auto correct

Typing in local languages

Using track changes

Headers Footers and notes

Creating newsletter

2 LO Calc Using Charts and Graphs

Images and Graphics

Advanced Formatting and Protection

Formulas and Functions

Linking Calc Data

3 LO Impress Slide Master Slide Design

Custom Animation

Slide Creation

Presentation Notes

Contributors and Content Editors

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