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Is the slide created in LaTeX, as per the given template?
Is the title on the slide matching to the title in the script?
Is the title less than or equal to 50 characters?
Are the name(s) of the contributors mentioned, along with their affiliation/institute?
Is the date of creation mentioned?
Is the font-size 17pt?
Is the Spoken Tutorial logo seen at the bottom right corner?
Do any of the slides have more than 7 line items?
Do any of the line items have more than 80 characters?
Are second-level bullets used minimally?
Is the sequence of slides as mentioned in the Checklist maintained in this set of slides?

  • Title Slide
  • Learning Objectives
  • Pre-requisites
  • System Requirements
  • Main Content of the tutorial
  • Summary
  • Assignment
  • Acknowledgement

Contributors and Content Editors

Nancy varkey, Sanmugam