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Stage 0
Is the identified software a Free and Open Source Software?
Is the identified FOSS currently in use and supported by its dedicated group of developers?
Has a brief description/write-up of what the FOSS does been mentioned (4 to 5 sentences)?
Is the Operating system used for creating the course mentioned?
Has a brief list of usage been described (in 2-3 bullet points or 2-3 sentences)?
Has a list of people/group who will benefit been mentioned (optional)?
Is there a mention of any pre-requisites for the software, if needed?
Are the name(s) of people who created the outline been mentioned, along with their affiliation/institute?
Stage 1
Are the topics for the FOSS listed in a logical sequence?
Are the listed topics relevant to the learners?
Are all the listed topics chunked into 2 or 3 different levels of understanding:
  • Basic, Advanced
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
Are any of the listed topics repeated in the outline?
At the Basic Level, has the content been listed as bullet points? (Applies to higher levels, too)
Has the Glossary been included along with the outline?

Contributors and Content Editors

Nancy varkey, Sanmugam