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This series has been contributed by Nancy Varkey, Senior Project Manager of Content Creation Team.

What is a Spoken Tutorial

  • Demo of a spoken tutorial through live recording and play back
  • It is instructional material: one can try out the commands in parallel by pause and rewind
  • One can use this procedure to explain any software - in fact, anything that one sees on the computer screen
  • 4 Quadrants for additional study material: show Linux file attributes and LaTeX bibliography
  • Such a recording facility is available for Windows through Camstudio, a FOSS system
  • Show the spoken tutorial that explains the use of Camstudio
  • In Linux, recordMyDesktop can be used for this purpose - a spoken tutorial will be available soon
  • 1st step - Outline: Divide software into Levels of training, further split into 10 minute spoken tutorials; see the outline of Scilab
  • 2nd step - Script: Show the script for this tutorial
  • 3rd step - Narration and recording: Already explained
  • 4th step - Translating in local languages: Show English, Hindi, Bengali script of getting started with Scilab
  • 5th step - Dubbing into local languages: Show the spoken tutorials on dubbing and editing through moviemaker
  • Mention that we will have such tutorials for Linux using software, such as, Audacity and Kdenlive
  • Show English, Hindi, Bengali spoken tutorials on Scilab getting started and letter writing using LaTeX in Tamil
  • Explain the benefits of English video and local language audio
  • How study plans can be used to teach even advanced topics: Show LaTeX and Scilab
  • How this technology can be used to bridge digital divide: buying train tickets, locating low cost agricultural loans, getting primary health care and first aid, etc.
  • Spoken tutorials are free and available from http://spoken-tutorial.org
  • Target audience: remote child, for self learning
  • List the honoraria
  • Who all can create spoken tutorial - create a numbered list
  • Benefits of spoken tutorials
  • Show the wiki page for a list of ongoing projects and invite participation
  • Show http://spoken-tutorial.org and the contact us button
  • Welcome participation on six numbered items and other esoteric activities
  • List out the subsequent spoken tutorials
  • Show funding support and say thanks

Creation of a spoken tutorial using Camstudio

  • How to create audio-video tutorials using screencasting
  • Uses of screencasting
  • Introduction to Camstudio
  • Download links
  • Main menu options
  • Capture area settings
  • Video options
  • Cursor Highlight options
  • Audio options
  • Follow mouse options
  • Program options
  • Setting Keyboard shortcuts

Creation of a spoken tutorial using recordMyDesktop

  • About recordMyDesktop
  • Introduction to recordMyDesktop
  • Installation using Synaptic Package Manager
  • Main menu options
  • Advanced options
  • Video options
  • Cursor options
  • Audio options
  • Follow mouse options

Dubbing a spoken tutorial using Movie Maker

  • Brief introduction of Movie Maker
  • Overview of the different panels
  • Open a new project
  • Import media
  • Add media to the time-line
  • Mute the original audio
  • Set the parameters for narration such as Input Level
  • Demo narration
  • Move the audio clip
  • Save the project
  • Create a movie
  • Explanation of video quality settings for the finished movie

Editing a spoken tutorial using Movie Maker

  • Brief introduction of Movie Maker
  • Overview of the different panels
  • Open a new project
  • Import media
  • Add media to the time-line
  • Explanation of the VCR Controls
  • The SPLIT button
  • Layout of the timeline
  • Icons of the timeline
  • Deleting portions of a video
  • Adding portions to a video
  • Extending the length of a video-clip

Audacity and ffmpeg

Dubbing a spoken tutorial using Audacity and ffmpeg

  • Install Audacity once through Synaptic Package Manager
  • Listen to the original tutorial
  • Time the begin time of each sentence
  • Open Audacity
  • Start narrating with appropriate pauses between sentences
  • Record in one go
  • Split the audio into sentences
  • Starting from the back, slide the clips to match the noted timing
  • When done, save the audio stream in ogg format
  • Using ffmpeg commands, separate the video component from the original tutorial
  • Using ffmpeg again, merge the dubbed audio and the seperated video component to create the dubbed tutorial

Editing using Audacity

  • Open Audacity
  • Supported file formats
  • Import audio file
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Effects, Change levels, Structure

Guidelines for script writers

  • Selection of the right topic
  • The url for the summary of guidelines
  • The url for the details of the guidelines
  • How to generate a two column format
  • Information on resources required for a good script
  • Information on how to use the resources
  • Information on how to load the slides for a script
  • Verification of the script

Guidelines for recording and narration

  • Recording comprises of two simultaneous activities that is Narration and Screen casting
  • Guidelines to be kept in mind before recording a spoken tutorial
  • Guidelines to be kept in mind while recording a spoken tutorial
  • Submission of a dummy recording
  • Guidelines on narration
  • Guidelines on screen casting
  • Validating the spoken tutorial

Guidelines for translation and dubbing

  • Procedure to put up the script on Spoken Tutorial Mediawiki
    • Register on www.spoken-tutorial.org
    • Installing the Google Indic transliteration plug-in on Mozilla Firefox
    • Typing out the script on MediaWiki
    • Guidelines and tips on translating the script
  • How to Dub
    • Guidelines on Narration a translated script
  • Verification of the Dubbed spoken tutorial
  • How to submit the spoken tutorial on www.spoken-tutorial.org

Guidelines for a Campus Ambassador

  • About the Campus Ambassador Programme
  • Eligibility to become a Campus Ambassador
  • The responsibilities of a Campus Ambassador
  • Instructional activities to be coordinated by Campus Ambassadors
  • Training for Campus Ambassadors
  • Physical Items for Campus Ambassadors
  • Other benefits for Campus Ambassadors
  • Great work to help the society
  • This will help the students
  • How to become our Campus Ambassador

How to conduct workshops using spoken tutorials?

Contributors and Content Editors

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