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About Us (Spoken Tutorial)

The Spoken Tutorial project is about teaching and learning a particular FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) like Linux, Scilab, LaTeX, PHP & MySQL, Java, C/C++, LibreOffice etc. via an easy Video tool - Spoken Tutorials. Some of the salient features of SELF (Spoken Tutorial based Education and Learning through Free FOSS study) Workshops are -

  1. This method is highly conducive to self-learning.
  2. Once one gets started any student or faculty can master the FOSS.
  3. UG, PG or research scholar students and even teachers of Science, IT, Engineering, Commerce, Management disciplines can learn any of the FOSS.
  4. The training workshops are conducted remotely via a video conferencing tool, Skype.
  5. Typically, the first workshop at any college is of 2 hours duration.
  6. To start of, any college which is organising the workshop needs to get a computer lab ready with machines that support sound and have VLC player and internet. There is no lower or upper limit on the number of participants. This just depends on the number of computers available. For additional participants laptops if available can be used.
  7. The main organiser's computer needs a webcam via which the Spoken Tutorial team can monitor the workshop.
  8. On a convenient day participants take an assessment test and on clearing it get certificates from IIT Bombay.

As a first step the organiser can identify a student coordinator to publicise and conduct the workshop. Students have a lot of energy and are very enthusiastic about such activities. Participants of course benefit. Student coordinators too get a special certificate, and a T-shirt! More importantly, they develop Event management and Project coordination skills.

All of the above mean a big deal to students for their career with recruiters and at PG interviews.

Today SMEs and Govt. departments are moving to Open Source Software like Linux. Students with this knowledge will have an edge in the job market. They can also become entrepreneurs and use Open Source Software in their businesses, saving money vs., if they were using Commercial Software.

Net it is a win-win situation for all and the best part….all the workshops are conducted FREE of cost. We are having a very good experience with colleges across the length and breadth of India with this format. They start with one and move to cover more batches, more departments, the different FOSS....All working together to Bridge the Digital Divide in our nation.

Progress To Date

The training workshops started in July 2011. These have spread across several Institutions, Schools, NGOs, Govt. Offices and even some Corporates. By 3rd quarter 2012, around 100,000 students and teachers from all states of India have enjoyed the training conducted in over 1500 colleges. Students from rural places have also benefited from this training. Students are using Linux, Python, PHP & MySQL and Scilab in their curriculum. Several colleges are going for Lab Migration, which is switching from Matlab (proprietary) to Scilab. Academia is using the de facto standard for technical writing, LaTeX. We have dedicated students who are working as workshop Promoters and colleges acting as RESOURCE centers in all states of India.

Method Of Training

Spoken Tutorial adopts a very unique and different method of training, which can be easily learned by school students, college students, faculty members and teachers. Key points highlighting the method of training are -

  1. Workshop duration is only 2 hours Can cover maximum students in a short period
  2. Held at your college campus Students need not to leave their campus
  3. Mode of training is through a very interesting and effective Audio-Video tool: 'Spoken Tutorial’.
  4. Workshops will be arranged by Students/ Faculty from your college- Guided by Spoken Tutorial team, IIT Bombay.
  5. Organizers need not be experts in Software.
  6. Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay team will monitor the first workshop through Skype.
  7. Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay team will conduct online exams and award certificates to participants and organisers.

Software Offered

Currently Spoken Tutorial project provide software trainings on below mentioned list of software and programming languages.

  1. Linux
  2. Scilab
  3. Python
  4. PHP & MySQL
  5. LaTeX
  6. LibreOffice
  7. GIMP
  8. Blender
  9. OpenFOAM
  10. GeoGebra
  11. Java
  12. C/ C++
  13. K-Turtle
  14. Netbean

Software Applications

Software Application
jkl mno
stu vwx

Downloading Spoken Tutorials

One can easily download the above mentioned software, tutorials and instruction sheets from the FTP link, which is To get more detail about Software and Tutorials, download from FTP server. For installation and copying onto CDs, please follow these easy steps -

  1. Click on the following link -
  2. You will see zip files of all the FOSS on the following link.
  3. Click on the FOSS category you have selected for conducting the workshop or to learn on your own.
  4. As you click on the FOSS category, a small window will appear to open/save the zip file.
  5. Please save the zip file in all the computers or you can burn the zip folder content in CDs/DVDs and keep for future use.
  6. Extract the content from the zip file into a folder.
  7. Open the folder.
  8. Locate the read-me-first.txt file.
  9. Open it and read it carefully.
  10. Follow the instructions given inside to locate the Installation and Instruction sheets.
  11. Proceed as directed in the Installation sheets to install the FOSS in all the computers.
  12. Take printouts of the Instruction sheets – one for each participant.
  13. Copy the extracted folder on each computer before the workshop.
  14. Hand out one Instruction sheet to each participant before the workshop.
  15. To begin the workshop, the participants have to open index.html file present in the extracted folder.
  16. Index.html file will be Open only by Firefox browser.
  17. We recommend participants to follow the sequence of topics given in the index.html file for better learning

Organising Workshops

Organising Spoken Tutorial workshops in your college is very easy… you can start with any of the Software that we offer- Linux, Latex, Scilab, PHP & MySQL, Python, LibreOffice, C/C++, Blender, Geogebra, OpenFOAM, Java, KTurtle.

Any Student or Teacher can act as Organiser..,Typically he/she will...,

  1. Arrange the computer lab and inform a group of students - there is no upper limit on the total number.
  2. Fix a date and timing, only 2-hour duration – Monday - Friday and inform us.
  3. Get a Skype ID and connect to us prior to the workshop to test Skype, clarify doubts and say hello ----Google Skype and install it in your system, create ID just like you would do for Gmail and let us know.
  4. Download the Spoken Tutorial content available on the link ( Note that in special cases, where Internet is not available, we can also provide the CDs containing the same learning material.
  5. The Organiser will check that the machines have VLC player and support sound.., participants will use simple earphones (like the ones they have for their mobiles),and listen to the tutorials individually. They will self learn at their own pace.
  6. Arrange one machine - could be a laptop - to have a webcam, the workshop Organiser will use this to connect with us through Skype.
  7. After the workshop, learners can copy the content onto their Pen drives or CDs.
  8. They will revise and come back any time after two weeks from the date of the work- shop, take an online test, and get Spoken Tutorial, IIT BOMBAY Certificates.
  9. For training the entire college, the chief Organizer can put together a team of representatives from other departments who can train many more students.

Be a Part of the Spoken Tutorial Project

The Spoken Tutorial Project-IIT Bombay, welcomes one and all to be a part of an IT revolution and contribute to spread awareness amongst students, teachers and other individuals of society. You can contribute as a -

  1. SELF Workshop Organiser or College Ambassador
  2. SELF Workshop Manager
  3. SELF Workshop Promoter
  4. SELF Workshop RESOURCE Center

1.SELF Workshop Organiser/ College Ambassador

Any student/staff/faculty can act as Organiser. Organisers need not know the Software to be taught in the workshop. He/ She will act as the SELF Workshop Organiser. The Organiser will arrange the computer lab and coordinate with students, say 20-30, could be more, and fix a date and timing for the workshop. He/ She will be in touch with the IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial team on a regular basis to ensure that all students in the college get a chance to take the training. The Organiser will take care of all the prerequisites as per the checklist for successful conduction of the workshops. He/ She will also identify students or faculty member from other departments to become SELF Workshop Organisers for their departments.


In addition to getting experience in Event management, a SELF Workshop Organiser will be awarded a special certificate. These certificates are of great value to students in their academics as well as during job interviews.

Future Scope

The Spoken Tutorial team will continuously assist and monitor the SELF Workshop Organiser, and depending on his/ her wish, he or she can become a SELF Workshop Manager in the college.

2.SELF Workshop Manager

Any student/staff/ faculty can become a SELF Workshop Manager. A SELF Workshop Manager will regularly arrange workshops for various departments on the different FOSS. He/ She will guide other workshop Organisers to conduct Spoken Tutorial workshops in the entire college.


A SELF Workshop Manager will be awarded with a special SELF Workshop Manager Certificate and an Appreciation Letter from IIT Bombay after 75% of the student strength in the Institute is covered. These certificates are of great value to students in their academics as well as during job interviews.

Future Scope

The Spoken Tutorial team will continuously assist and monitor a SELF Workshop Manager, and depending on his/ her wish, he or she can become a SELF Workshop Promoter and promote the project in other colleges in the district.

3.SELF Workshop Promoter

Any student who wishes to contribute towards the IT revolution and would like to make his/ her state an IT literate state can become a SELF Workshop Promoter. A SELF Workshop Promoter will identify Organisers, Managers and RESOURCE Centers in colleges in his/ her state. He/ She will be helped by the Spoken Tutorial project Manager at IIT Bombay responsible for that particular state.


The Spoken Tutorial project provides monetary incentives to SELF Workshop Promoters, which are as follows - I. Rs. 7000/- per month for working as SELF Workshop Promoter II. Rs. 100/- per new college or lead generated and for identifying a SELF Workshop Organiser and Manager in that college III. Rs. 200/- per college for providing support and conducting the first workshop in a college. IV. Telephone and travel expenses V. A special Certificate and Appreciation letter.

Future Scope

The Spoken Tutorial team will regularly assist and monitor a SELF workshop promoter, depending on which he or she can become a Spoken Tutorial Project Officer-Outreach.

4. SELF Workshop RESOURCE Center

Any college/ university which wishes to contribute towards IT literacy and awareness can become a RESOURCE (Robust Extensions for Spoken Tutorial project on Open Source Software Usage for Recruitment, Community and Education) Center. A RESOURCE Center can conduct remote workshops in its college for other colleges and can also train other colleges and schools in conducting Spoken Tutorial workshops. It can identify SELF Workshop Organisers and Managers in schools and colleges in its respective state. A RESOURCE Center can create a team of students and faculty members from the respective colleges for providing support to other schools and colleges for conducting workshop. In this way, the project can be spread and awareness created in the entire state.


The RESOURCE Center should especially set up the capacity to host Workshops on its premises for remote area colleges who may not have sufficient lab/ computer/ Internet facilities.


A RESOURCE Center will be awarded an Appreciation Letter from IIT Bombay. RESOURCE Centers can mention that they are authorised RESOURCE Centers of Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay on their website and in their advertisements.


After completing the workshop in about two hours, students can revise the tutorials. One can go for the online Spoken Tutorial certification exam on the particular FOSS, any time after 2 weeks or more, in which one gets the following -

  1. If one has scored =>40 % he/ she can receive the Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay certificate.
  2. One can print it out or keep a soft copy for oneself.
  3. Please note that it has the hologram in grey colour that specifies that it is original so no signature is needed.

Contact Us

In case of any doubts or queries you can always get in touch with our executive officers -

  1. West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir: - Payel Mukherjee 09987087561
  2. Goa, Karnataka, NGOs: - Trupti More 09820096122
  3. Gujarat, Maharashtra: - Madhukriti Srivastava 07738378229
  4. Tamil Nadu, Kerala:- Mohamed Kasim Khan 09843349009, 9003707005
  5. Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh: - Apoorv Chitray 9892874182
  6. Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh: - Nagesh Fadnavis 9820480326
  7. Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West): - Arjun Chadhha 9730862650
  8. Himachal Pradesh, Bihar: - Sharda Sharma 9892721022
  9. Uttar Pradesh (East): - Kusumlata Verma 9769576123
  10. Delhi, All India Schools: - Swapnil More 9833901538

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