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You are here: Main Page >> Spoken Tutorial Processes >> Project Overview

Welcome to www.spoken-tutorial.org . The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the "Talk to a Teacher" project of the National Mission on Education through Information Communication through Technology, launched by MHRD, Govt of India.

Here you will find a variety of Spoken Tutorials on various Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in various Indian regional languages.

Learning is more effective when animation and narration are presented simultaneously . Audio-video demonstrations can illustrate features with maximum clarity. So the objective is to pass on the knowledge of technology and free and open source software (FOSS) through the website to the masses who do not have the access to learn any software(s). This could be because of -

  • Lack of knowledge about accessibility
  • Lack of proper guidance
  • Lack of infrastructure facilities available
  • Difficulty in understanding English

Spoken Tutorials project aims to create spoken tutorials which teach FOSS in many Indian languages. The idea is to teach software(s) in a language that the learner is comfortable in. Our goal is that the spoken tutorial learning object be used to teach any software in any language and any difficulty level learner - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

This project is for the community and by the community. Through the portal, we aim to get like-minded individuals to collaborate with each other to create spoken tutorials. The next step is to get each spoken tutorial dubbed into as many Indian languages as possible. This will help anyone anywhere to understand the contents of the spoken tutorials. Each of the tutorials, whether original or dubbed, will go through a strict review procedure, after which they will be uploaded on the public domain. This is to ensure that the highest possible quality is attained. All these activities will be supported and co-ordinated through the portal itself.

The target group is the community at large - school children, college students, working professionals, retired professionals, housewives, teachers, trainers, research scholars, software users and developers. We aim to reach out to all the people in India through this portal.

Through the website www.spoken-tutorial.org, you can

  • Learn many softwares by yourself
  • Be a contributer to the community by creating original tutorials or dubbing into other languages
  • Lead the national effort for any FOSS
  • Lend your expertise in a particular FOSS by being a Reveiwer / Domain Expert
  • Spread awareness about this community

Our Aim:

  • Reach out to as many people as possible to spread the awareness of the portal so that people can learn and contribute
  • Build up the community so that the portal will be self-sustaining
  • Channelize a way through your contacts to reach out to the people who could learn and contribute

Got a topic or a script for a Spoken Tutorial? Upload them on our site. (Honorarium available for the contributors) Honorarium Details All spoken tutorials on this website are reviewed by domain experts in that field for accuracy. Don't forget to check www.spoken-tutorial.org every day because we add at least one tutorial weekly! You are free to use any of the tutorials featured on this site for self-study and educational purposes.

We look forward to partner with you in our effort to take software education to the masses and to Bridge the Digital Divide!

Contributors and Content Editors