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Title of script: Guide lines for a Campus Ambassador

Author: Shahid Ali Farooqui

Keywords: Campus Ambassador Program, Eligibility, Responsibilities and Benefits for a Campus Ambassador

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Display Slide1 Welcome to this spoken tutorial on “Guidelines for a Campus Ambassador Programme of Spoken Tutorial Project”
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The "Campus Ambassador Programme" is ...
  • Aimed at energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate students.
  • They will be the face of Spoken Tutorials in their colleges/campuses.
  • They will help spread awareness about this project.

Their primary tasks will be -

  • To encourage the students and faculty in their college
  • To contribute towards the creation and dubbing of Spoken Tutorials.

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The following are the eligibility criteria to become our Campus Ambassador -
  • A student of second year UG level or higher
  • Has a good academic performance
  • Established performance in organising events
  • Commitment for one year
  • Motivated and driven to meet targets
  • Readiness to select the successor Campus Ambassador in the next year

Display Slide4 point 1

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria to become a Campus Ambassador, then all you have to do is enrol with us.
Display Slide4 point 2

Open tab

To do so, please visit this web-page

Point cursor to Requisition Form and click. Click on Requisition Form.

This will open the Campus Ambassador Requisition Form.

Scroll down the page and point to Submit button Please fill in all the details and click on Submit
Display Slide4 point 3 You will receive a welcome mail from the Spoken Tutorial Team.
Display Slide4 point 4 Your status will be provisional at this point.
Display Slide5 Your first task as a provisional Campus Ambassador is -
  • To conduct a workshop in your own college
  • Using the Basic Level Spoken Tutorials available on LaTeX, Scilab, Python, Linux+Ubuntu or Orca.

Display Slide6 point 1 The workshop can be conducted through the student clubs or by the college.
Display Slide6 point 2 A minimum of 25 participants are required for the workshop.
Display Slide6 point 3 * The participants should be requested to bring along their own ear-phones.
  • In order to listen to the Spoken Tutorials

Display Slide6 point 4 As provisional Campus Ambassador you have to do the publicity for the workshop using posters and brochures.

These will be couriered to you by the Spoken Tutorial team.

Display Slide6 point 5 A list of participants, date, time and venue of the workshop should be mailed to the Spoken Tutorial team.
Display Slide7 point 1 Permission letter, if required, for conducting the workshop, may be issued by the project
Display Slide7 point 2 The workshop will be conducted remotely using “Skype” or “A-view” software by the Spoken Tutorial team from IIT Bombay.
Display Slide7 point 3 There will be a resource person for the chosen FOSS available at IIT Bombay throughout the workshop.
Display Slide7 point 4 * On successful completion of the workshop, a certificate will be awarded
  • Citing details of the workshop conducted

Display Slide8 point 1 The provisional Campus Ambassador will later
  • be invited to IIT Bombay along with fellow provisional Campus Ambassadors from other colleges
  • for a 1-day workshop on Spoken Tutorial Technology.

Display Slide8 point 2 Second class sleeper fare will be reimbursed to them for the same.
Display Slide8 point 3 The workshop will begin at 9:30am and end at 4:30pm.
Display Slide8 point 4 At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive a certificate of participation.
Display Slide9 point 1 Within 15 days of attending a workshop, the provisional Campus Ambassadors are to create or dub a spoken tutorial.
Display Slide9 point 2 On successfully doing so, their status will change from provisional to confirmed.
Display Slide9 point 3 They will also receive a cash reward of Rs.5000 along with the honorarium for the submitted tutorial.
Display Slide9 point 4 This amount is payable on completion of 3 spoken tutorials.
Display Slide9 point 5 From this stage onward their tasks and responsibilities as Campus Ambassadors begin.
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The following are the responsibilities of Campus Ambassadors
  • Popularise the concept of Spoken Tutorials
  • Help identify experts and novices and translators
  • Identify contributors for Spoken Tutorials
  • Coordinate the generation of Spoken Tutorials for an honorarium
  • Help create many Spoken Tutorials in a year
  • Build a rapport with the contributors
  • Coordinate your community of contributors
  • Organise FOSS workshops with Spoken Tutorials
  • Organise Spoken Tutorial sponsored events
  • Coordinate with the project for Campus Fests
  • Write blogs, announce events in the mailing list, etc.

Open the tab

You may also get all this information in the brochure available on our website.
Display Slide11 As Campus Ambassadors, you have to coordinate the following instructional activities
  • Creating outlines
  • Creating scripts
  • Ensuring self-learning
  • Conducting workshops
  • Conducting online exams etc.

Display Slide12

Open the tab networking.pdf

While working as Campus Ambassadors, you will get trained in the following skills -
  • Mentoring others
  • Networking with other Campus Ambassadors
  • The benefits of this program are excellent
  • The networking opportunities are tremendous
  • Creating educational content and using them
  • Conducting workshops and certifying
  • Carrying out local and national campaigns
  • Suggesting innovative merchandise/gifts
  • Improving your marketing skills

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Open the tab containing the link

On becoming our Campus Ambassadors, you will receive the following -
  • Merchandise and gifts for distribution
  • Performance based incentive schemes
  • Financial help to present Spoken Tutorial project based papers in conferences
  • The coveted Spoken Tutorial Campus Ambassador Certificate after successful completion of one year.
  • Name displayed on our website at
  • Attend Spoken Tutorial meetings and retreats at our expense

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Open the tab leadership.pdf

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Open the tab money.pdf

Apart from the physical items, you will also get the following additional benefits -
  • Become the face of Spoken Tutorial in your campus
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Get an opportunity to organise college events with our sponsorship
  • Redefine yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Be a part of the FOSS community
  • Earn 10% of the total honorarium -
    • of approved contributions, provided you help create a minimum of 50 Spoken Tutorials in a year
  • And of course! This work will spread Digital Literacy across India

Display Slide15 This great work will help the society, too, in the following ways -
  • Provide training to students of your college and other colleges
  • Help build a brand for your college
  • Help your college perform well in competitions that involve software
    • Create awareness of IT technologies
    • Learn numerical and symbolic computing (like Scilab and Python)
    • Learn domain software (like ASCEND, NGSpice, and FreeCAD)
  • Help create entrepreneurs from your locality
  • Train children from your state through regional-language-based IT education

Display Slide16 This programme will help students..
  • To do well in subject exams, projects and job interviews
  • To do well in certification exams (e.g. RedHat certification)
  • To learn a new software
  • To improve English speaking skills
  • To improve the command over one’s mother-tongue

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Open the tab containing the link

All rights are reserved with Talk to a Teacher project under the creative commons license no. CC BY-NC 2.5.

The eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, and deliverables can be changed or withdrawn without any notification.

Please visit the following link for the latest information.

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Open the tab containing the link

This brings us to the end of this tutorial on the Guidelines for a Campus Ambassador.

Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of the Talk to a Teacher project, supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT.

More information on the same is available at the following link

This is Nancy and Shahid from IIT Bombay signing off. Thanks for joining.

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