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The process in summary:

In summary, the whole process of creation is as follows:
1. Outline is written
2. Outline is sent for reviews to an Expert
3. We do not go further until we have the acceptance and approval from the reviewer
4. The script writer starts with the first script. (Please note not with introduction/Overview)
5. Spoken Tutorial Team does the admin check
6. Spoken Tutorial Team gives the feedback to the scriptwriter
7. This goes on in iteration until the script is at par with our standards
8. The scriptwriter incorporates the changes
9. The script is sent both for a for Novice check and Expert check (Reviewer).
10. A Novice reviews the script to test the script
11. Reviewer reviews the script from the point of view of technical aspects and pedagogy
12. This goes on in iteration until the script is approved by the Novice and the Reviewer
13.The feedback is given both by the Reviewer and the Novice to the script writer for further modification. This could be a consolidated feedback or the feedback is given individually.
14. Spoken Tutorial admin team checks if the modification is done
15. If complied with, the admin gives a "go ahead" for recording
16. The creator submits the video after recording
17. Spoken Tutorial Team does the Admin check
18. If there are modifications, they are incorporated
19. The video is submitted again
20. This goes in iteration until the video is at par with our standards
21. If the video is approved, it is uploaded
22. The spoken tutorial is approved by the reviewer
23. A separate page is created of the script which has the timings of each sentence

This completes the whole process of creating ONE Spoken Tutorial. Only after this, the tutorial goes in for dubbing.

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