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Criteria Yes No
Is the url of the FOSS on mediawiki according to the standard naming convention?
In case of the first script, is the topic taken up from the basic level? (Installation need not be the basic level)
In case of subsequent scripts, are the scripts of the previous topics submitted?
Are the following attachments zipped and linked to the script?
  • Slides (pdf/odp)
  • Source files
Is the script submitted in two column tabular format?
Are all the prerequisites mentioned?
Are the learning objectives (if any) mentioned in the beginning of the script?
Is the utility (if any) of the topic explained briefly?
Are the links active (if any)?
Are the abbreviations/ acronyms/ technical words used in the script, been explained in Glossary?
Is 75% of the tutorial devoted to demonstration?
Are the slides to accompany descriptive portion?
Is a quick recap (if any) of the content taught in the script given at the end of the script?
Are the content mentioned in the "Visual Cues" consistent with the "Narration" ?
Is there a document supporting Novice/ User feedback?

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